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Easy in learning languages 21/01/2013 19:53 #45


R. Magritte, The Lovers (1928), Museum of Modern Art, New York.

You don't want to do as the lovers in the unsettling painting by Magritte? I guess you want to really communicate, in life and in the profession. So, in a world like today you have to learn languages. First English, because in fact it is now the language they all speak and write, the one in which there is the most abundant written documentation. How to start learning languages easily? Here are some tips.

Imagine you have a mobile phone as a gift. You stand to read the instructions? No, you start to use it. Do the same with languages: start! You will also make blunders, some may be funny, some might be present also in this article. An advantage for everybody: the others will laugh and you will learn.

The DVD gives you the wonderful opportunity to see films in foreign languages with subtitles in your mother tongue. Profit of it. Read as much as possible in the foreign language you want to learn. You not understand everything? It 's so that you learn. If you only do what you can do without difficulty, you will learn very little. Athletes train by engaging in increasingly difficult.

Do you know why the web site of Science School is bilingual? To invite you to read the English text and to use the text in your native language to learn quickly when you do not understand: as subtitles.

Talk as much as possible in foreign languages, travel if and when you can.

These are simple tips, but effective if followed consistently. It 's so that children have learned to speak your native language. It 's so that many researchers, including myself, have learned to speak English.

And your mobile phone's instruction? You will need them to improve, to do more. Then follow courses in languages, starting with the ones provided by your school. It 'important. But in the meantime you have taken off, you are already flying.
P. Strolin
Professore Emerito di Fisica Sperimentale
Università di Napoli "Federico II"
Complesso Univ. Monte S. Angelo
Via Cintia - 80126 Napoli - Italy

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